The Panama City Symphony Orchestra is committed to providing opportunities for our audiences to experience and appreciate symphonic music. We carefully plan and rehearse to provide our audiences with an evening that will positively impact lives and community.

Thank you for noting these guidelines to insure that you and other audience members not only experience a night with The PCSO but enjoy each moment, each note.

  • Arrival. Patrons with tickets should arrive 15-20 minutes prior to the start of the performance. When purchasing a ticket, we suggest arriving 30-40 minutes in advance.
  • Late Seating. If you arrive late, seating is usually allowed during a convenient pause in the program. Please, wait patiently for an usher to direct you accordingly.
  • Entering/Exiting the Hall. Do not move through the auditorium while a performance is in progress. Ushers are stationed at entrances and exits and they will direct you. If you must leave your seat, do so quickly and quietly proceeding to the nearest door or ask in a whisper the nearest usher for assistance.
  • Silence Electronic Devices. Cellular phones, watches, electronic devices, and any other device that might potentially disrupt the concert should be switched to silent mode or powered off.
  • Applause. If uncertain, watch. Usually there is applause when the maestro or orchestra first chair violinist enters the stage as well as when the conductor makes his or her initial entrance. During the actual performance only applaud at the close of a full piece of music. Holding applause between movements is considered to be respectful to the performer’s concentration and mindful of piece continuity.
  • Enjoy and experience. Once the concert has begun don’t talk, whisper, sing (unless invited by the maestro), hum, eat or move personal belongings so that you, other patrons and the performers enjoy the full benefits of the concert.
  • Attire. Patrons of the symphony in many areas of the United States generally wear semi-formal, elegant or business attire to concerts. Patrons for the PCSO tend to dress up instead of dressing casually, however, comfort is most important.  A guide to consider is your personal dress code for work or a lovely dinner with friends.
  • Children. The PCSO loves children and we are delighted that they are learning to experience and enjoy music.  Have conversations with attending children about what is expected so that they and all other patrons of all ages enjoy the evening.
  • Intermission.  This is a time to take a break, stretch or purchase a refreshment in the lobby.  You may also visit the PCSO table to view the items being offered, and visit with PCSO Board Members and other patrons. Watch and listen for signs to return to your seat.
  • Departure.  Please, provide any comments to board members as you depart or contact us via the website should you have any input regarding a concert or upcoming event:  Also, spread the news about the PCSO and our performances.